Newport Cargo. Air & Ocean Freight / General Cargo

General Cargo

Newport Cargo is closely linked with major airfreight carriers, both passenger and cargo; we offer a flexible itinerary through our different types of services, ensuring the best transit times and allowing save considerable costs.
We provide different types of services, among which we can highlight; Consolidated Import / Export, individual direct shipments, shipping documents preparation and customs clearance.

Oversize Loads

One of our specialties is the airfreight of overweight and / or oversize cargo. We carefully select the airline and the most appropriate type of aircraft to be used according to the specifications and characteristics of the goods to be transported.

Our service is not only addressed to the airfreight but also to a comprehensive logistics service.

Newport Cargo prepares routes and transfer points, analyzing even the smallest detail of each operation, in compliance with the requirements and demands of our customers.

In this way we ensure that the cargo reaches final destination in excellent condition and in due time.