Newport Cargo. Air & Ocean Freight

Air Transport

When speed is the most important issue to move products from one point to another, air transport is the right solution. Speed, agility and safety characterize this medium because it is the means of transport with lower loss or damage ratio.

Newport Cargo widely excels in the air export transport market; statistics show that our company is the one which most air cargo carried out of country for the past 30 years consecutively. We are, without doubt, the largest Air Freight Forwarder of our country.

We operate with all airlines, both passenger and all cargo, selecting the most appropriate for each shipment with the responsibility and seriousness that merits the type of cargo to be transported.
Our customers have the option of selecting the right type of service they need, within the spectrum offered:
• Door - Airport
• Airport - Airport
• Airport - Gate
• Door - Door

Ocean Transport

Ocean Shipping is of enormous importance in international trade, being the way by which large-scale volumes are transported.

The huge increase in vessel capacity, estimated to double every 5 years, leads us to have 18,000 TEU container ships today, when 10 years ago it was normal vessels operate with 2000 or 3000 TEUs.

It has also been developed new waterways to these giants of the seas, being a clear case of this recent modification of the Panama Canal.

Newport Cargo has developed a wide range of services to suit the different needs of our customers, namely:
• Ocean Freight Import and Export.
• Consolidated shipments (LCL).
• Shipments of full containers (FCL).
• Loose cargo shipments (Break-Bulk).
• IMO shipments (Dangerous Goods).
• Intermodal and Multimodal Transport.
• Full Charter.